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Winner of 2011-2012 KIRKPINAR TOURNAMENT
He is the son of the very famous baspehlivan Recep GURBUZ, who unfortunately died very early in the late 80's. That's why all the fanatics of oil wrestling are looking attentively the career of this wrestler. Because he was the surprise of the 2010 tournament, when he managed to wrestle for the title with the winner, Mehmet Yesil Yesil. Unfortunately, he lost,but this young guy has for sure plently of good years in wrestling in the next future. He is tall and slim, almost twisted, that is strange for a wrestler. But very tricky, like a snake. But we never know what can happen and the story may turn bad for him too. After Kara and Yesil Yesil, he saw the belt running away for a doping purpose.

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