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Mehmet Yesil Yesil

Where does Mr mehmet "green green"comes from? (yesil=green in turkish language). No doubt from Far Far Away kingdom, because no one until 2008 heard from him. And unfortunately, this Shrek coming from nowhere, managed to win the final of the 2009 Kirkpinar tournament, sending back our "favori" Recep Kara back to his country yard. And our Recep has plently of reasons to have the blues for once( kara=black in turkish language ), because he also lost the famous gold belt. When an oil wrestler win the tournament for three years, (which was going to be the case of Kara, who won in 2007 and 2008 ), the supreme recompense is to receive the gold belt. The french rugbymen win a shield, the turkish wrestlers a belt. Who knows what is the best? But this oily green green made us crazy when he won for the second consecutive year the tournament of kirkpinar 2010. Anyway, the wind changed, because he lost in 2011, the gold belt flying far far away from his belly. He was green...

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